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Sophie Koella in ‘Red Room: Special Gucci’ by Frank Perrin for Crash Magazine, December 2019

Sophie Koella & Leonce Goutet don Gucci Cruise 2020 in ‘Red Room: Special Gucci‘ by Frank Perrin for Crash Magazine, December 2019. Paris Experimentation is Out. A magazine dedicated to dynamic artistry that stands the test of time. “Where domination ceases to be a means of exchange…” Artisans explore abstract direction through the avenues of instinctual experimentation. 

Alesya Kaf in “Hello Future” by Pedro Beraldo for Vogue China December 2019

Alesya Kaf steps into the light in “Hello Future” by Pedro Beraldo for Vogue China, December 2019. Art consumes us as we make our way into the great unknown. This story settles in that sweet spot. Daniel Rull steps into a strong space, as she attempts to handle the styling, makeup and hair in one fell swoop. Somewhat uncommon to see one person taking on all three of these powerful positions. That is exciting. 

Frances Coombe in ‘Owner of Darkness’ by Yuji Watanabe for Harper’s Bazaar Kazakhstan December 2019

Frances Coombe in ‘Owner of Darkness’ shot by Yuji Watanabe for Harper’s Bazaar Kazakhstan, December 2019. Humanity can’t hide as the arc of light & dark Poetically collide. Life is a constant battle between the elements of existence. Light and dark are merely forces that exist because the other is present. We must understand that one can’t be without the other’s reality. 

Alessandra Ambrosio in ‘Earth Mother’ by Yulia Gorbachenko for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

Alessandra Ambrosio gives Sustainability’s Siren Call in ‘Earth Mother‘ by Yulia Gorbachenko for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, December 2019. Shot at Zaya Nurai Island off the shores of Abu Dhabi. An exquisite destination that claims to be a piece of paradise like nowhere else, is substantiated in full by these incredible images. Alessandra covers the Sustainability Issue in a story that honors her work with the UN’s initiative #TOGETHERBAND

Kerolyn Soares by Txema Yeste for Vogue España December 2019

Kerolyn Soares enters a land beyond in ‘De Otro Tiempo Y Lugar’ by Txema Yeste for Vogue España December 2019. Colors Transform in this Technicolor Storm as Dreamy Colors Collide. Beauty breaks as art aches taking us to Another Time, Another Place. Dynamic entities unite, creating a collection of controlled chaos. Photographic manipulations connect art and excess by building and expanding in magnificent ways. 

Helen Mirren in ‘Annual Icon’ by Maarten de Boer for Flaunt Magazine

Helen Mirren poses as the first Annual Icon for Flaunt Magazine, shot by Maarten de Boer. I start my write-up by declaring my utter fascination with this cunning creature. She is utterly exquisite. Hers is a face that transcends the senses. My eyes travel over the valleys of her skin as I am mesmerized by the truth of her beauty. It’s as if the visual connection I’ve made with her being is allowed to enter my mind space… reaching to meet it’s rightful destination. 

Deirdre Fírinne & Manuela Sanchez by Mario Sorrenti for Document Journal Issue #15

Deirdre Fírinne stares into the eyes of this majestic creature and there you can see their spirits unite. Equal parts beauty and grace so is the Snowy Owl. In one of the most tender captures of the season we see Humanity Expand as we witness this elegant creature out of it’s native land. Perched on her arms, his talons made to tear into the hardest of bark, he sits lightly on her skin as if just to be. 

Lampoon Magazine

Lucas Klinge in ‘the crafted’ a captivating cover that’s artfully composed by Sarai Mari for Lampoon Magazine Issue #19. In the borough of Brooklyn in the state of New York, dancers descend upon the famous amusement haunt called, Coney Island Theme Park. This is a celebration of the strangely seductive. Artfully embraced, each image is alive with pride and power. I feel inspired to just view. 

Paper Magazine

Pete Davidson in ‘Break the Internet‘ by Tommy Dorfman for Paper Magazine. This strange editorial focuses on what Dorfman Refers to as Depressed Ken. Placid and somewhat displaced, the story reads like a mono-syllabic spoof. The landscape of lunacy laid out in human form. Art embraces life and… well you get it. He uses the futile nature of things to both connect and detach. This composition can be a compelling construct, when artfully engaged. 

Nick Knight’s ‘A Celebration of Print’ for V Magazine’s 20th Anniversary Issue

Nick Knight Honors V Magazine in ‘A Celebration of Print‘ to Commemorate 20 Yrs in Fashion. The Archival of Odyssey Comes to Life. Truth Finds a Place to Be of Beauty Borne in Victory… Through Truth’s Vision We Can See Hidden In the Annals of History. This is My Anchor… This is My Quest ~ Truth is Forever and Forever It Shall Rest. Here at the highest reprieve I will settle a score I have yet to achieve. 

Josefine Lynderup Delivers ‘A Love Letter to Copenhagen’ Greg Kadel for Dansk Magazine Issue #42

THE ARCHITECT OF THE ANCIENTS KNEW WHAT THEY WERE BUILDING. The physicality of this piece is a poetic tribute to the female form. Every curve creates a chasm every straight line a lesson of linear intent. Padding migrates as curves turn to daringly, mangled angles. This fantasy tale takes us to another world, where we merge forces outside the earthly plane. Playful in it’s intention, the artful figure is a revelation of the supernatural. 

Krow Kian by Elizaveta Porodina for Numéro Homme Netherlands 01

Krow Kian shares what it means to be authentic by Elizaveta Porodina for Numéro Netherlands 01. Some may think this not an appropriate venue to focus on Krow Kian’s incredible journey of discovery. Too bad. I see this story as a stop at the center of a brave voyage. This Fearsome Transgender Model shared his triumphant journey, as part of a documentary. ‘Krow’s TRANSformation follows a model’s transition from woman to man.