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Sara Skinner by Elizaveta Porodina for Numéro Netherlands 01

Sara Skinner bites a stick of fire as she christens the ‘Heritage’ premier issue of Numéro Netherlands shot by Elizaveta Porodina. In today’s society we are asked to endure the blasphemous overtones of the bloated masses. A dissension is required. Discord is disheartening, but sometimes it moves the needle. We are there. I won’t indulge the inanity, instead, I choose to be a non-conformists in today’s tenor of non-truth. 

Yasmin Wijnaldum in ‘Hardcore Romance’ by Nick Knight for AnOther Magazine’s A/W 2019

Yasmin Wijnaldum stands in the center of this storied ride with each costume giving the effect it’s rise. Nick Knight draws outside the lines of lunacy in ‘Hardcore Romance‘ for AnOther Magazine A/W 2019. A DREAM THAT ISN’T FAUX… A STORY THAT’S NEVER OLD… A TRUTH YOU HAVEN’T TOLD…. AN ILLUSION WITHOUT BEING SO. This tactile tale reminds us that anything is possible. 

Cassi Priestley in Kaimin for Flaunt Magazine October 2019

Cassi Priestly brings this line to life by Franco Velastiqui for Flaunt Magazine, October 2019. You Don’t Wear Kaimin… Kaimin Wears You. In the most exquisite way. Like a beautiful butterfly with blackened wings the fabric spreads and there it sings. This explores the archetypes of the mind. Rich images are alive with an undertone of dark decadence, while a silver sheen envelopes the couture completely. 

Charlee Fraser in ‘The Skin I Live In’ by Yulia Gorbachenko for Vogue Mexico October 2019

Charlee Fraser settles in ‘The Skin I Live In’ by Yulia Gorbachenko for Vogue Mexico, October 2019. Looking from every angle at every vantage point we are able to really get inside the Silhouette of She. A Woman with… ferocity, kindness, beauty and beyond. This is the very nature of her being, it literally radiates out of her skin. Many times when we see women our first instinct is to evaluate their qualities on the visual spectrum. 

Amber Witcomb in ‘This One Blink’ by Nagi Sakai for Zoo Magazine No. 64

Amber Witcomb reminds us the world can change in ‘This One Blink’ by Nagi Sakai for Zoo Magazine No. 64. The third eye chakra, known to be in the center of the forehead, is artfully placed on the upper-cheek aside her right eye. This is a symbolic sign of how we see things not positioned in a straight line but portrayed in a curved view. Here we celebrate the excess of the abstract. Beauty’s truth is found in broken places filled with shattered spaces. 

He Cong in ‘Guru Issue’ by Pierre Debusschere for Exhibition Magazine October 2019

He Cong allows her face to float into another dimension in ‘Guru Issue‘ by Pierre Debusschere for Exhibition Magazine, October 2019. Ever moved by Debusschere’s landscape of welcomed lunacy, I find myself once again drawn into his exquisite world. Multi-dimensional forms take shape as this story celebrates the music of the face. Layered imagery invites a sense of enticement. Suspended disbelief offers details that project each picture as unique. 

Carolyn Murphy by Vito Fernicola for Exhibition Magazine Fall/Winter 2019

Carolyn Murphy invites us to ride inside her mind in a tale that tells us it’s the hunt that feeds us not the find, by Vito Fernicola in Exhibition Magazine, The Guru Issue, FW ’19. Art is unearthed from the center of her being. James Valeri uses fashion as an agent of change. A fusion is at play. Both sides express an intimate story-line. Long pants are belted at the bottom leg, with a leather shirt that seals her form. 

Steven Klein Descends On the Upper East Side in Private/Public for CR Fashion Book, Issue 15

Steven Klein Descends On the Upper East Side in Private/Public for CR Fashion Book, Issue 15. He deigns to discover as he dares to uncover the underbelly of this super-secretive society. The Upper East Side should hide as the rise of this alien tribe is here – and taking over. Aliens have landed in an otherworldly take on the fashion elite. Remington Williams, Lara MullenChai Maximus, Jules LeRoy & Ivan Onsha dress as new guards of the bourgeoisie. 

Anok Yai, Hannah Motler, Clementine Balcaen & Liz Ord Explore Art of Theatre, Mert & Marcus for PRINT Publication FW 2019

The Power of Print Publication Pulsates Through the Body as Anok Yai, Hannah Motler, Clementine Balcaen & Liz Ord put on a powerful performance by Mert & Marcus for PRINT Publication 4. Body movement takes shape as this compelling editorial enters the arena of live-art installation. A journey of design history told through a tale of discovery. This explores the art of high fashion and the universal language of avant-garde expression. 

Stella Tennant by Nathaniel Goldberg for Muse Magazine Issue 53

This is GRUNGE REDONE. Stella Tennant steals your heart and sets the stage for a style redo that’s en-rage, by Nathaniel Goldberg for Muse Magazine, Issue 53. Fall Fashion looks through the prism of the 90’s, with divine designs that embrace the era of grunge. Seattle soared as the Cultural Epicenter of Grunge. The movement was real… the fashion followed. This is a storied interpretation of that time. 

Lily McMenamy in ‘Unspoiled Monster’ by Cameron Postforoosh for 10 Magazine, Autumn/Winter 2019

Lily’s Lure is Legit in MONIED, SOCIETY, SUBMIT. Lily McMenamy lets her new talons tell a story in ‘Unspoiled Monster‘ by Cameron Postforoosh for 10 Magazine, #63 A/W 2019. We are Swimming in the Shallow End. We need Depth to Survive. Damien Neva’s write-up for Next says is best… she has dipped her digits in wax. As a writer, I’m not gonna touch that divinely structured sentence. 

Zendaya Embodies Simone Leigh’s Compelling Art Captured by Ryan McGinley for Garage Magazine, Fall/Winter 2019

Zendaya reaches for the sky in compelling captures by Ryan McGinley for Garage Magazine, F/W 2019. A powerful portrayal permeates the page, as this story invites us into the process. Evoking art that touches the heart, we’re moved by the act to embody truth. I felt distinctly honored to view these proud images. A bringing to life of the beauty of Simone Leigh’s Brick House.”This is a collaboration, A New Vision of Black Womanhood within the Pages of a Fashion Magazine.” Thelma Golden, Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum in Harlem, engages in a dynamic discussion held between herself, Simone Leigh & Zendaya.