Posts featuring photographer Boe Marion

Zuzanna Bijoch by Boe Marion for S/S/A/W Scandinavia

Zuzanna Bijoch proves that a picture is worth a thousand words in ‘Beneath the Sparrows Wing When She Sings’ by Boe Marion for S/S/A/W Scandinavia, Autumn/Winter 2014. Artist, Alexa Meade, opens the door to our imagination with body brush strokes that speak volumes. Offering your talent to a project is commendable, but, breathing life into a picture is truly powerful.…

Ola Rudnicka Plays the Part to Perfection in 'Magic Star'

Ola Rudnicka plays the part in ‘Magic Star’ by Boe Marion for Vogue Netherlands April 2014. Exquisite beauty comes to bare with a mix of bunny ears and an eye-spiked cover. Ola gets her ears on, with high flying looks that include the illusion of wonder. Now you see it now you don’t, with a series of styles that range from haute couture to happy go lucky. Stylist, Marije Goe

Frida Gustavsson in 'Love is a Letter Sent a Thousand Times'

Frida Gustavsson lives a faraway flight in ‘Love is a Letter Sent a Thousand Times’ by Boe Marion for S/S/A/W Scandinavia Spring/Summer 2014. Gustavsson comes to life among a mix of letters sent a thousand times. An amalgamation of light, Gustavosson sits aside this lovely dream, with a faraway palor of a reflexive theme. Jakob Hysén Hedberg enchants with a lovely platter …