Posts featuring photographer Colin Dodgson

Truth Spoken - Strewn Across Chest Doingbird

Malgosia Bela gets deep and gets real by Colin Dodgson for Doingbird Magazine No.18. Like a body billboard, Bela wears shirts that say it all. Ascending to the top, she bares the weight of womanhood shown in statements of pride. Stylist, Sara Moonves, asks the art of ferocity to speak with declarative sentences strewn across the chest. Naked faces worn in honor of our fight to be free. Deep t…

Meghan Collison Captures Our Imagination in i-D

Meghan Collison shows us that, ‘It’s Never too Late to Prove Your Mother Wrong,’ by Colin Dodgson for i-D Magazine, Spring 2014. Redefining the idea of modern beauty, Collison gets eclectic, with a new look at the future of fashion. Set-out to redefine the concept of the power paradigm, these in-your-face shots shows us how it’s done. Stylist, Caroline Newell