Posts featuring photographer Dima Hohlov

Kouka Webb Revives Roaring 20's "The Moody Blues"

Kouka Webb gives a powerful portrayal of the modern 20’s in “The Moody Blues” shot by Dima Hohlov for Art echoes a reflection of the past while putting us on a trajectory toward the future. A revival of the Roaring 20’s captures the theme with a resurrection of Deco Divine. Victoria Bain takes us into another dimension, whereby fashion speaks to the vinta…

Kinga Rajzak by Dima Hohlov for Interview Russia, December 2014

Kinga Rajzak descends into a state of dreamlike decadence in ‘Skazka Akzaks’ by Dima Hohlov for Interview Russia. The season of lights begins with a dizzying array of color and play. Stylist, Natalie Brewster, evokes the elegance of avant-garde wonder as flakes flurry and bubbles blow. Fashion and fantasy collide with artistic looks by Alexander McQueen, CélineCha

Dima Hohlov Plays 'Daydream Interlude' for Wonderland

Patricia van der Vliet takes a ‘Daydream Interlude – Fantasy Sweet Dub Mix’ by Dima Hohlov for Wonderland Magazine. The future has arrive with a masterful mix of modern day fashions, topped with unique tribal-like facial markings. Stylist Grace Cobb takes us on a trip through Wonderland, with exotic looks from Chanel, Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Saint Laurent…