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Marjan Jonkman Shines 'All that Glitters is not Gold' Vogue Nls

Marjan Jonkman is Strictly Chic in ‘All that Glitters is not Gold’ by Marc de Groot for Vogue Nls, 07/16. The Glam Slam 70’s has arrived with looks unafraid to flash back in time. This story grabs gorgeous from fashions that glitter while it steals swagger from styles that shine. Going for full glow, this editorial exposes us to another era while showing the road ahead. Dim

Nimue Smit Settles Into Aruba's Ocean Air 'One Route'

Nimue Smit settles into the ocean aire on the isle of Aruba in ‘One Route’ by Marc de Groot for Vogue Netherlands. Scintillating shots ooze with the surroundings as Smit becomes one with nature. Far-out designs reflect the past while still daring to move ahead. The ferocity of 70’s inspired fashion erupts with dynamic fabrics that embrace the outdoors. Prancing like a jun…