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MIchael Kors Fall 2012

What I wouldn’t do to wear head-to-toe Michael Kors.  His clothing is truly the stuff of women’s deepest style-fantasies.  You think our lust is for slinky satin’s & decadent lace, forget it, this is what we dream of.  Layers & layers of fabulous textures/fabrics draped in perfection is the MK-Way, each combination telling an epic tale of luxury and e…

Michael Kors’ One-Way Ticket to “Season of Chic”

The Unapologetic King of Glam, Michael Kors Fall 2011 line is a Deliciously-Decadent Collection of pieces that are a Call to the Fashion-Wild.  With an endless array of Luxurious fabrics/textures/accessories, the “Michael Kors Experience” is not for the Weak of Heart.  This is a Pulse-Pounding onslaught of ecstasy/excess in the form of Leather/Silk/Cashmere/Fu…

Michael Kors Goes Holiday Chic

Michael Kors managed to put out a Holiday Catalog that is actually Chic & Inspiring.  So in an effort to get us in the mood 2 POP SPARKLE & BUZZ ELECTRIC this season –  Check-out some of my Faves..