Posts featuring photographer Sebastian Faena

Stone Shows Sensual Side of Summer "Luxury is Love"

Lara Stone shows us the sensual side of summer in “Luxury is Love” shot by Sebastian Faena for The Daily Summer Issue, August 2016. Faena lets us take a ride through his mind as he explores the idea of Luxury. Sofia Achaval de Montaigu invites the intimacy of Stone’s elegance by utilizing the artistry of her body. Each shot celebrates the sensuality of summer, with styles t…

Jamie Bochert Dances through Decades 'Little Darling'

Jamie Bochert celebrates the space-time continuum in ‘Little Darling’ a timely tale by Sebastian Faena for V Magazine, Fall 2014. Dancing through decades, Sarah Richardson delivers styles straight from the 60’s and 70’s. The fusion of fashion erupts with looks that let each piece tell a story of strength. Sartorial art takes over in designs from; Emporio

Lindsey Wixson Stun Us in ‘Licht! Drama! Action!’

Lindsey Wixson and Jon Kortajarena join the party in ‘Licht! Drama! Action!’ by Sebastian Faena for Interview Germany, February 2014. A twisted riff of erotic pleasure, this couple stuns our senses with a complex blend of cabaret-chic. In the saturated land of moody blue colors, this takes on the night with a prolific mix of mind-altering fun. High fashion speaks, as (Styl…