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Chloë 'Born to Be Free'

Chloë Sevigny is ‘Born to Be Free’ in cheeky editorial by HART+LËSHKINA for Commons & Sense Magazine. Wearing her ‘F.T.W.’ t-shirt, this girl knows how to flow, with carefully crafted chaos that pushes things to the limit. She obtains her edge by taking all of life’s pain & pleasure and mixing it into one super-stiff elixir. Stylist, Haley Wollen

Commons & Sense

Lily McMenamy stuns us senseless in ‘Summer Means New Love’ shot by Emanuele Fontanesi for Commons & Sense, F.W 2014/15. Saying good-bye to the sun, Lily captures our imagination with a send-off to Summer. Shino Itoi, brings fashion forward, with a quirky selection of modern looks that will have you rethinking this season’s styles. Colors collide, as (Makeup Art…