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Jazzelle Falls Into Fluid Shadows as She Flies Into Light

Jazzelle Zanaughtti falls into the fluid shadows as she flies into the light in “Hallucinatory reality” shot by Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones for King Kong Magazine, SS 2-19. Often hailed as a Pioneer in the Garment Construction Industry, Iris van Herpen has taken gorgeous to a global level. Fashion is fused with 3-D printing techniques, the evocation of which oth…

Poetic Reflection on Storm Devastation

Reflecting on the recent devastation in Florida and Texas, I was touched by Collage/Clothing Artist, Tashi Fay. These poetic pieces spoke to me in a very unique way. A creative take on what it would feel like to be wearing everything you owned. Explore her conceptual influences at King Kong Magazine.

I Wanna’ Go Home

A sadden show has come to bare

upon the shores of life’s despair


Hannah Bennett Faces Her Fears "Phobophobia" for King Kong

Hannah Bennett faces her fears in “Phobophobia” by Dima Hohlov for King Kong Magazine, Issue #2, A/W 2016. A fusion of phobic fears and photographic fantasy, this story delves deep inside the human psyche. A compelling take on the art of the unknown. Dealing with everyday anxieties – in the form of phobias – can lead to a disorder. For many people the first step is de…