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Natalia S in 'Diary of A Wild Child' Alexandre Félix for Schön!

Natalia S explores an amalgamation of art & nature in the ‘Diary of A Wild Child‘ by Alexandre Félix for Schön! Multi-dimensional madness takes shape as we embark on a trip to another world. Each picture provides a unique presentation by embracing the poetry of the past. Conceptual artistry captures the air of the outdoors as Charlotte Mollet delivers us into the de…

Mia Stass' Mind is Caught in a Misfit of Play for Schön!

Mia Stass floods each frame with futuristic fashion in ‘High Spirits’ by Boy/Girl for Schön! Magazine #28. Is this real or is it fantasy? A mannequin of mayhem leads the way as the mind is caught in a misfit of play. Lost in a labyrinth of lunacy, Stass finds herself falling for plastic with features unknown. The satire of seduction soars as high fashion frivolity ensues. Stylis…

Rasa Zukauskaite Goes 'Bilateral' by Urivaldo Lopes for Schön!

Rasa Zukauskaite captures both sides of the couture coin in ‘Bilateral’ a story shot by Urivaldo Lopes for Schön! #27. Worlds collide, as (Stylist) Fleur Huynh Evans lures us in with contrasting elements told from opposing angles. Double your pleasure, double your fun with high art in the form of haute-couture. Fashion reigns with looks from Amaya ArzuagaAnne Sofie M