Posts featuring stylist Agata Belcen

Anna Stands Full Flamingo Form "Of Fish and Flowers" AnOther

Anna Cleveland stands straight in full flamingo form, “Of Fish and Flowers” by Julia Hetta for AnOther Magazine, S/S 2016. Deep in the recesses of the mind lives a place of sheer wonder. A place where birds do swim and fish do fly through a shining sea on a mountain high. Hetta asks us but one thing, to question nothing & accept all. To call this but a story of style would be a travest…

Junya Watanabe Invites the Poetry of 'Pressure Space'

Designer, Junya Watanabe, invites us to explore the poetry of ‘Pressure Space’ by Nicolas Coulomb for Dazed Magazine. Astro-Girls unite, as the dynamic duo of Isamaya Ffrench & Tomihiro Kono bring us into the retro-future of avant-garde fashion. Artfully referred to as the Malfunctioning Mannequins, these dolls re-devise the concept of creative. Ffrench & Ko