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Reflection of Shakespeare Seen "A Theatrical World" Vogue It

India Tuersley plays a thespian aching to perform in “A Theatrical World” by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia, 09/16. The star takes the stage as drama defines the power of the page. Impassioned players project as sense of theatrical pageantry, as a troupe of dedicated actors invite us behind the curtain. Scenic styles are founded in melodramatic motion as bodies move in exquisi…

Tilda Teeters on Edge in Tale of Love & Other Longings

Tilda Swinton teeters on the edge in this evocative tale of love and other longings by Yelena Yemchuk for Vogue Italia, July ’16. Surrounded in Victorian excess, Swinton succumbs to androgynous callings. Camouflaged scenes steal the show in a role that has her going incognito. Editorials run like acts in a play, with designs that portray theatrical disguises. Darkness devours t…

Estelle Chen by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia Beauty, June 2015

Estelle Chen is amped up and ready for fun by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia, Beauty Supplement, June 2015. The power of pastel pops off the page with a cast of colors that celebrates the Summer. With shades of chartreuse, lemon yellow, vibrant pink and billowing blue the party rages on. Stylist, Cathy Kasterine, takes us back in time with looks by Alexander McQueen, Blumarine, Giorgio Ar