Posts featuring stylist Dimphy Den Otter

Marjan Jonkman Shines 'All that Glitters is not Gold' Vogue Nls

Marjan Jonkman is Strictly Chic in ‘All that Glitters is not Gold’ by Marc de Groot for Vogue Nls, 07/16. The Glam Slam 70’s has arrived with looks unafraid to flash back in time. This story grabs gorgeous from fashions that glitter while it steals swagger from styles that shine. Going for full glow, this editorial exposes us to another era while showing the road ahead. Dim

Feel the Heat Burn the Beat Go 70's Chic in 'Disco Deluxe'

Kiki Boreel & Nirvana Naves ride the retro waves in ‘Disco Deluxe’ by photographic duo Meinke Klein for Vogue Netherlands, 12/15. A dynamic trip to another time, this story simultaneously takes us back while shooting ahead. From the glow of glitter to the rise of light, night shine has never lost its appeal. Dimphy Den Otter delivers one of the most exciting spreads of th…

Aline Weber Finds Art of the Ocean, Vogue Netherlands

The art of the ocean the sound of the sea, the salt in the wound that aches to find me. Aline Weber is lost in the shadows by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen for Vogue Netherlands. A bold blend of dark and light, by braving the uncomfortable we find our way home. The power of poetry found in the form of high fashion, (Stylist) Dimphy Den Otter captures clean lines marked by essence of pure intentions…