Posts featuring stylist Elizabeth Sulcer

Amilna's Mind Flies High to Meet Desert Sky in Numéro Magazine

Amilna Estevão calls on powers from beyond by Txema Yeste for Numéro #169. The desert sings a song of hope as each shot celebrates female strength. As the air whips around Amilna’s body we feel a fusion of fashion & nature form. Art lays over the limbs, like a lost lover who’s found their way home. Extremity takes a stand as haute couture pays tribute to the land. Elizabeth Su

Alisa Ahmann Blends into a B/W Backdrop 'Manhattan Rooftop'

Alisa Ahmann blends into the background in ‘Manhattan Rooftop’ by Txema Yeste for Numéro #166, September 2015. Standing in the center of the city her silhouette shrinks against the skyline. Stylist, Elizabeth Sulcer, devours the daylight with shapes so dark they steal the sunshine straight from the sky. Liquid lines languidly drip over the length of her body as leather s…

Crista Cober in 'La Palmeraie' by Txema Yeste, Numéro N°165

Crista Cober becomes part of the art in ‘La Palmeraie’ by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine N°165, August 2015. Poetry mimics the magic of allure as we find ourselves lost in a labyrinth of couture. Nature erupts with costumes that combine the freedom of outdoor space with the decadence of high end designs. Cober is camouflaged in divine fashions as she passes time in a pa…

Alisa Ahmann Takes Couture to the Country, Numéro Magazine

Alisa Ahmann takes couture to the country in ‘Champ Magnétique’ by Greg Kadel for Numéro #157. Fashion hits the farmland as the opposing forces of artistry collide. Stylist, Elizabeth Sulcer, brings avant-garde outdoors, as the mash-up of migration takes hold. The poetry of pastoral energy comes forth with a stunning selection from Alexander McQueen, Altuzarra, Anthony

Alisa Ahmann Gets Her Groove On 'Swinging London'

Alisa Ahmann breaks onto the scene in ‘Swinging London’ by Greg Kadel for Numéro Magazine #156, September 2014. An amalgamation of eras, Ahmann fuses modern fashion with one of the most inspired periods in Pop History. Stylist, Elizabeth Sulcer, embraces the tone of the times with eclectic looks that include Brian Atwood, Ben-AmunDries Van Noten, Elsa Peretti, Eugeni

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 'Wet Hot Summer' Violet Grey

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makes the sun rise in ‘Wet Hot Summer’ by Emma Summerton for Violet Grey, June 2014. I feel the power of passion fall down my back like the wings of a butterfly caught in the rain. Stylist, Elizabeth Sulcer, captures the essence of Whiteley’s strength with noir looks that range from Yves Saint LaurentFausto PuglisiDolce & Gabann

Hana Jirickova Revives the 80's by David Roemer

Hana Jirickova goes graphic in this cool cover-story by David Roemer for Numéro Russia May 2014. Reminiscent of 80’s Brooke Shields, the exotic nature of this styling brings us back the decade of power. Ripe with a vintage vibe, (Fashion Editor) Elizabeth Sulcer captures the era of intoxication, when dressing was a true art form. As loud as a lion as quiet as a whisper, the powe…