Posts featuring stylist Jack Wang & Jumius Wong

Elisabeth Erm Walks On the Wild Side In Fearless Fashion Issue

Elisabeth Erm walks on the wild side in the Fearless Fashion Issue shot by Jack Waterlot for L’Officiel Malaysia. The rapture of beauty beckons us back as blackness falls in a seraphic attack. Surrounded by the sublime, shades of noir ride it right with a fearsome story cast in the dark of night. Stylists, Jack Wang & Jumius Wong, invite us to view fashion postured through the intensi…

Valentina Zelyaeva in 'World Citizen' for L'Officiel Singapore

Valentina Zelyaeva steals the spotlight in ‘World Citizen’ By ChuanDo & Frey for L’Officiel Singapore, November 2014. Playing a modern day siren, the world is her oyster as The Golden Girl of Glamour arrives in style. Standing in a spotlight, her long lean lines speak, with sleek fashions that fulfill every fantasy. Decadence defined, (Stylists) Jack Wang &am

Beauty of Tomorrow Depends on the Standards of Today

Jumping around in artful jubilation, Jasmin Jalo is the ‘Only Girl in the World’ in Chuando & Frey’s ethereal editorial for the May 2013 issue of L’Officiel Singapore. Let the pendulum of Spring swing, from the abstract realm of stylized surrealism to the subliminal world of exotic expressionism, the shared vision of the season seems to be one of synergism. By …