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Melissa Tammerijn Faces Off in Eclectic Beauty Story for TUSH

Melissa Tammerijn goes face first by Benjamin Vnuk for TUSH Magazine, Spring/Summer ’14. An exquisite mix of modern beauty, this captures the features of forever, on the pathway to wonderland. Each shot tells a unique story with the link being that of pure love. With a mix of gold leaf paper artfully placed on the head to metallic silver drawn in a perfect triangle. Stylist, Marcell

French Revue de Modes

Beauty speaks for itself in ‘In Solence’ a captivating combination of 13 cover-shots captured by Thierry Le Gouès for the F/W 2013.14 issue of French Revue de Modes. Bathed in a pink and blue glow a new breed of up-n-coming models blow up the bi-annual glossy by giving us a peak at the future faces of fashion. With looks that range from androgynous to exotic (stylist) Marc

French Revue de Modes F/W 2012 by Thierry Le Goues

The F/W 2012 issue of French Revue de Modes gathers a group of today’s freshest faces, for a variety of cover-shots by Thierry Le Goues.  ‘Back to Black’ celebrates our obsession with black-on-black fashions, highlighting Fall’s best from Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Stella McCartney, Versace and more.  Ashley Smith, Heidi Mount, Arlenis Sosa, Vika Falileeva, Av…