Posts featuring stylist Mika Mizutani

Toni Garrn Plays Volcano Like a Concerto of Decadent Dreams

Toni Garrn becomes one with the sun, “Au-Dessous Du Volcan” by Emma TempestL’Express Styles, February 2016. Fire hits her feets as Garrn grips the ground, walking in silence the wind is her sound. It plays like a piece from the concerto of dreams, carrying her up for a fait accompli. Turning cries of silence into sadness that screams, Toni gives herself over longing to b…

Anja Rubik 'The Last Dance' Matthew Brookes, L'Express Styles

Anja Rubik believes that art flies or dreams die in ‘The Last Dance’ by Matthew Brookes for L’Express Styles, 3rd September 2014. Movement erupts in this dynamic combination of drama and dance. The sirens of silhouette honor the shape of the body by expressing depth of style. Mika Mizutani, interprets feelings through fashion with looks from; American Vintage

Karlie Kloss Captures The 'Color Power' Arc Modern Makeup Mix

Karlie Kloss captures our imagination in ‘Color Power’ by Ben Hassett for L’Express Styles. More than makeup it’s a movement of the mind. Brought to life under the flame of the light, each feature falls into place with an exciting array of color and play. Makeup Artist, Marla Belt, uses the curves of the face as inspiration, with an explosion of hues to include In…