Posts featuring stylist Nicola Formichetti

Nicola Formichetti Has Created a Modern Magazine

Kiko Mizuhara has a face full of flowers in ‘Neo Japan’ a decadent debut by Richard Burbridge for FreeNicola Formichetti has created a modern magazine with the concept of Freedom. Partnering with the bookstore Tsutaya, the final product will be distributed (for free) to many Japanese locations. A labor of love, the heart of this project comes from Formichetti’s mast…

Brooke Candy Plays Festive Femme Fatale 'Sweetmeat'

Brooke Candy plays a festive femme-fatale in ‘Sweetmeat’ shot by Michael Flores for Schön! #27, December 2014. Master and muse merge in this exquisite tale of x-mas gone x-rated. The arena of the avant-garde erupts, as black/red/white blend, in this tri-fecta of modern style. Nicola Formichetti creates a fusion of fashion from Adrienne Landau, A.F. Vandevorst, Alexan

Tao Okamoto Takes Us Into World of 'Hybrid Glamour'

Tao Okamoto steps into the hyper-real world of ‘Hybrid Glamour’ by Tim Richardson for Computer generated creations take the lead as one stroke sets the story into the future. Breaking the Spacetime Continuum, (Fashion Director) Nicola Formichetti performs at his peak with surreal styles that blend into the binary barrier. Stepping into another dimension, thes…